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Recently there was aa Instance of this Mod. Gedela

Jogayya was suspected of practising Chillangi. He denied the

charge. But he was severely beaten until he bled profusely.

Unable to bear this Jogayya gave a complaint to the police and the

matter Is pending in Bobblli court.

According to the belief of these people there are five or

six women who are at present haunted by the devil All of them

have the same ailment. The ailment Is prolonged fever and

giddiness. People speak In whispers trying to Identify the sorcerer

responsible for this heinous crime. So far they could not Identify

anyone. These people do not consult a doctor. They do not

medicines. In the meantime the sick women^s health may deterio-

rate further and she may die. This death, when It occurs, will be

takenas vindication of the faith In the Black Art,

Some of the educated Gadaba do not believe In all this.

Moyyl Somulu who Is working as a Helper IE the Municipal Wafer

Works, Bobblll, thinks that sickness or fever can be cured by

medical treatment.

5.    influence of other Religions :

We will be struck by the fact that the core of their faith

was not shaken by this exposure. At the same time It should be

noted that the Gadabas have developed some degree of faith In

some deities of the Hindu pantheon.

The Christian missionaries took some initiative several

decades ago to gain some converts. But the chief of the Gadabas

resisted them. He told the missionaries that no meddling with

their beliefs would be tolerated. Thereafter the Christian missions

took no further Initiative. There are no Christians among the

tribals residing In Raja Chera?ii Valasa.